Q: Can non- students join?
A: Yes, all students and non-students (visitors) are welcome.

Q: Can non-students join the tours? Is it possible to bring non-students (friends and family members) with me?
A: Yes! Non-students can join . Your friends or family members are also more than welcome to join the tours. 
Q: Where is the meeting/departing point?
A: The Pick Up Point is at No 8. Johnston Terrace (opposite the Vocal Edinburgh Carer Centre), 

Q: Is accommodation included in the price?
A: Yes, accommodation is included in your ticket for 2 days tours. 

Q: What accommodation do we stay and what sizes are the room?
A: We always stay in standard quality hostels in the best locations with great facilities. Room sizes in each hostel varies, from 2 to up to 5 beds per room.  
Q: Are room allocations female only, male only or mix?
A: You can choose a room based on your preference such as a mixed room, a female room or a male room. If you are traveling with your friends, you can also choose a room with your friends only if you prefer so. 
Q: What are included in my ticket?
A: Every tour includes transportation (a return journey) by a luxury bus, map and itinerary, guide and free time for sights, walking, hiking, shopping and attractions.

Q: Are the optional extras (such as food and entry to attractions) included?
A: We include breakfast in your ticket on 2-3 Days Tours, however, all other expenses such as lunch, dinner and entry to attractions are not included.

Q: What language are the tours conducted in? 
A: English. However, some of our tour guides know different languages.

Q: Do we have enough time to visit the places?
A: Based on experience and careful planning of each tour, we always give plenty of time for visiting the places. Thus, you will always have plenty of time for lunch and to explore the places. 

Q: What should I bring with me?
A: For 1 Day Tours, first and foremost you need to bring your smile, as well as warm clothes, proper walking shoes and your camera to capture memorable moments! For 2 to 3 Day Tours, you need to bring personal toiletries. You are NOT required to bring any bed linen as the hostel will provide you with nice and clean beddings.  

Q: Can children travel on this tour?
A: Our tours are planned for adult students aged over 18. In some cases, we might accept children in our tours if accompanied by adults. However, if you are bringing children with you to our tours, you MUST let us know in advance and before you book tickets.

Q: Will I see any wildlife on my tour?
A: You always will be surprised to see wildlife in every tour, depending on which tour you partake in.

Q: Are tickets refundable?
A: Tickets are non-refundable. However, tickets may be offered to resale to others.

Q: What if I miss the pick up point or if I am late to arrive at the pick up point?
A: We will leave sharp and on time as we have a timetable for each tour. If you are late at the Pick Up Point for any reason, you will miss the tour. Your ticket will not be refunded if you are late for absolutely any reason. Atendees are responsible to arrive at the Pick Up Point 5-10 minutes in advance. 

Q: How can I contact you if I arrive late at the Pick up Point?
A: You can alway email us at istours.uk@gmail.com, however, we will not be able to reply any email over the weekends until Monday. So, if you are late at the Pick Up Point, you will miss the tour and your ticket will not be refunded. Atendees are responsible to arrive at the Pick Up Point 5-10 minutes in advance.